PHP 5.2.6 + MySQL 4.1 possible?

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PHP 5.2.6 + MySQL 4.1 possible?

Postby eprom » 09. October 2009 09:59

For testing of my OSCommerce webshop I want to use the same configuration on my Mac, as my hoster is using; PHP 5.2.6 with MySQL 4.1.

Wich version of XAMPP should I install to get that combination? Or how can I make such a combination myself?

I am a complete noob on this, so please use simple words :wink:

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Re: PHP 5.2.6 + MySQL 4.1 possible?

Postby MegaChriz » 12. October 2009 09:05

XAMPP for Mac v0.7.4 has PHP 5.2.6, but I'm not sure what MySQL-version that version contained. I thought it was version 5.0.64 or something like that.
Please note that there are more configurations differents between hoster and a XAMPP installation then just the PHP- and MySQL-version, so it can be hard to get the configurations equal. For example the PHP-installation of your hoster can have installed PHP-libraries that are missing in a XAMPP-installation and vice versa. Other configurations differents can be for example the memory limit and the max post size.
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