setting up a php site in dreamweaver.

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setting up a php site in dreamweaver.

Postby stephvdw » 30. September 2009 20:43

I am taking a class in PHP. I am following instructions to set up my work environment in Dreamweaver. I am using an Imac, dual core, running snow leopard, and have loaded xampp onto my machine. Dreamweaver version CS3.

Class instructions say to set up my local site with following path: Applications/xampp/htdocs. My DW wants me to use : instead of /, so when I set up the local site, this is what my path looks like. Macintosh HD:Applications:XAMPP:xamppfiles:htdocs:
When I try to save my first page, as a .php, I get the following error message: Access to MacintoshHD:applications:XAMPP:xamppfiles:htdocs:hello.php was denied. I get this error message on both of my macs, so it is a problem in my path, not individual to my machine.

There is something wrong with my path, but I don't know what it is. I cannot create path with / instead of :, DW won't allow it. I tried creating a path exactly as instructed in the lesson, but that did not help. I don't know what I am missing because I am just starting so I don't know what to look for. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance....
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Re: setting up a php site in dreamweaver.

Postby Nobbie » 01. October 2009 09:59

>Any thoughts?

Yes - what are you doing here? You should go for a dreamweaver forum and/or a Mac OSX forum. You have issues with DW, not with Xampp.
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Re: setting up a php site in dreamweaver.

Postby MegaChriz » 02. October 2009 10:49

I think it has something to do with the file permissions. Dreamweaver must have permissions to write to the htdocs folder.

1. In Finder, go to /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs
2. Select the folder you want to use for Dreamweaver, in your case I assume this is 'htdocs'.
3. From the File-menu, choose 'Get Info' or press command i. You will get an info window with some info about the folder (like filesize, location, date of creation)
4. In the window, go to 'Sharing & Permissions'. You will see a list of users and their privileges of the folder.
5. Click on the lock icon if you're not allowed to make changes. You will need to give the password of an administrator-account of your Mac.
5. Click on the plus icon, and add your account to the list of users.
6. Give your account read & write privileges.
7. Click on the wheel-icon (right to the plus and min icon) and choose 'Apply to enclosed items'. This means that all folders and files inside the folder will get the same permissionsettings as the folder. You probably need to give the password of an administrator-account of your Mac.

Now Dreamweaver should work with the path, because it has write permissions now.
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Re: setting up a php site in dreamweaver.

Postby phpuser » 07. November 2012 22:55

MegaChriz wrote:Re: setting up a php site in dreamweaver.
by MegaChriz » 02. October 2009 10:49

MegaChriz, thanks a ton!! I am a new php user and had been struggling with running my php file from dreamweaver, on mac. I visited many forums and yet couldn't find a comprehensible and feasible solution. But I must say your postwar not only was very clear and concise, but worked as well!! I sorted the problem out now in a jiffy; and earlier I had been stuck with this for the last few hours.

Thanks again!!
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