can any one help with this error>

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can any one help with this error>

Postby babat » 14. September 2009 13:37

XAMPP's Apache can not start while another webserver is using port 80. Please turn it off and try again.

I installed quicktime streaming server 3 months ago but i cant find it to unistall
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Re: can any one help with this error>

Postby caltuna » 14. September 2009 17:05

My guess is that you have Personal Web Sharing turned on and thus already have a version of Apache running. Go to System Prefs, Sharing, and make sure the Web Sharing box is bank. Otherwise, un-check it. Then try XAMPP again. (You may have to restart, not sure.)

If above is not the culprit, did you ever install another webserver package, like Entropy?

I can see how this might be a problem with Quicktime streaming server. Maybe it is using port 80? Perhaps there is info here about it:

Here is the user guide: ... _v10.4.pdf
How do I get around firewall problems?

If you are experiencing firewall problems, update your software to the latest version of QuickTime Streaming Server and have users upgrade to QuickTime 4.1 or later. You may optionally want to select the "Enable Streaming On Port 80" checkbox in the Settings window of the QuickTime Streaming Server Admin application.

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