PHP 5.3.0 won't send mail on Leopard

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PHP 5.3.0 won't send mail on Leopard

Postby Ron Newman » 24. August 2009 02:55

I installed XAMPP 1.7.2a on Leopard, and executed the following PHP script, both from the command line and via HTTP:
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ini_set('display_errors', true);

$result = mail("",
    "This is a test of mail from PHP " . PHP_VERSION,
   "Test subject for mail from PHP " . PHP_VERSION);
print("This is PHP " . PHP_VERSION . ".\n");
print("Result of calling mail is $result\n");


The script printed "Result of calling mail is 1", indicating success, and it displayed no error message. However, it never actually sent any mail.
Ron Newman
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Re: PHP 5.3.0 won't send mail on Leopard

Postby caltuna » 24. August 2009 03:36

You will not be able to send mail out of your Mac unless you install/configue postfix (or something like that.) I don't know of any way to "talk" to via PHP. There are a number of websites that have tutorials on how to set up mail from PHP on a Mac so google for them. There may be an answer in this forum so search for that as well.
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