XAMPP Status page shows all DEACTIVATED

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XAMPP Status page shows all DEACTIVATED

Postby rickeisner » 23. August 2009 23:07

I've just started XAMPP 1.7.2a, and everything appears okay on my machine and on my Controls panel.

But when I look at the XAMPP Status page, it shows everything DEACTIVATED. Can anyone tell me what's wrong?

Component Status Hint
Common Gateway Interface (CGI) DEACTIVATED
Server Side Includes (SSI) DEACTIVATED

And one other thing:
On the XAMPP Security page, it shows that the FTP password for user nobody is still set to 'xampp'. Yet I've tried to reset that using Terminal at least ten times. Nothing makes any difference. The change never shows up in Terminal, nor on the Security page.

The FTP password for user nobody is still 'xampp' UNSECURE
By using the default password for the FTP user nobody everyone can upload and change files for your XAMPP webserver. So if you enabled ProFTPD you should set a new password for user nobody.

I'm a n00b, and would appreciate any help. Running on a Mac 1.25 Dual G4 with OS 10.5.8.
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Re: XAMPP Status page shows all DEACTIVATED

Postby IamJim » 13. October 2009 13:52

Hi Rick,

I am not a MAC user...but I am guessing a new install..

I had some problems with Win2KServer 2000, and it was I was trying to do things as a power user...and had to go and install everything as the box administrator.

Not sure if you did, but just trying to help.

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