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Postby constancy » 20. August 2009 12:13

Is there a Javascript code that would allow me to show a certain css style if the person was using Firefox and another if they were using Firefox??
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Postby angstman » 20. August 2009 14:30

Do you mean if one person was using Firefox & another was using some other Browser - e.g. Explorer / Safari? The answer is no (as far as I'm aware) - one of the nighmares about web design is waiting to see what ill-effects non-W3C compliant browsers will have on your carefully arranged css layouts. Exporer is the worst offender (particularly 6 which should be made illegal). But even Firefox & Safari render text in slighlty different ways - which can lead to hours of re-working if a layout is particularly sensitive to spacing / margins etc.....Remember tho' there are several ways of skinning the cat with css - sometimes it's a matter of finding which will provide the best compomise....
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