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Postby rcarels » 19. August 2009 09:49

I am running XAMPP version 0.7.4 on my server and recently downloaded 1.7.2a to upgrade. All I can find in the documentation about installing is that I have to copy the XAMPP folder to the Applications folder, and that this overwrites an existing xampp folder. This I do not want, of course. I have an imagegallery and several other things running and I do not want to lose them.

How do I upgrade an existing XAMPP without losing my installed html, php, mysql databases etc.? It is strange that there is no mention of upgrades in the docs at all, I cannot imagine I am the only one that wants to upgrade an existing xampp...
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Re: Upgrade?

Postby caltuna » 21. August 2009 14:51

There is another thread for this. viewtopic.php?f=29&t=36776

It might be best to keep everything on this topic in one place?
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