new to xampp on Mac...FTP need help

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new to xampp on Mac...FTP need help

Postby RRSv2 » 11. August 2009 19:48

Hi! Im a new user of the forum and I currently having a hard time with xampp for mac. I used to use Xampp on windows Xp and I could code my php with no problem so a week ago on windows I coded a simple file upload for images and worked fine with the move_uploaded_file function I transfered everything on my mac all the other php work (I made a news updater too) except the one for uploading the files I get something like it cannot open a stream ...anyway Im trying to recode using the ftp_connect but cant seem to find what is my local ftp adress (like ....) I can access my ftp by ftp://localhost but thats it I get a "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/ on line 70" omsartsup.php is the file that process the content in the form.....any help will be appreciated!!! Im going crazy here thanks in advance! And by the way Im still new to php just to let you guys know...
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Re: new to xampp on Mac...FTP need help

Postby Nobbie » 11. August 2009 21:15

>Im going crazy here

You will keep on going crazy if you dont learn to give a proper description of what you are doing there. Obviously you are trying to install a certain software on your webserver (why dont you ask the programmers of that software?) and give us a short and completely insufficient description of what is going wrong.
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Re: new to xampp on Mac...FTP need help

Postby ralf.krause » 14. August 2009 18:07

The FTP user is 'nobody' and his password is 'xampp'

By using the default password for the FTP user nobody everyone can upload and change files for your XAMPP webserver. So if you enabled ProFTPD you should set a new password for user nobody. Use a FTP application like Cyberduck and you can connect to your XAMPP via FTP. You will get Cyberduck from

I hope this helps ...

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