Suggestions for XAMPP Control

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Suggestions for XAMPP Control

Postby GrimSage » 26. July 2009 19:54

I think this would work better as either a dashboard widget or a menu bar icon. That way we don't have to have an extra application running in the dock. I believe MAMP has a dashboard widget, which I found to be very helpful, but mamp seems dead, and I am starting to like XAMPP a lot better.
Also, I think things like (re)start all & stop all and re(start) Apache/MySQL & stop Apache/MySQL would be nice additions to the commands performed.
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Re: Suggestions for XAMPP Control

Postby caltuna » 28. July 2009 01:02

You can start the XAMPP services with the control icon and once started you can right-click the icon in the dock and "quit".

Anyway, the control program does not take up much memory or machine cycles. If you have a Mac that is within the past 3 years, you would not notice any difference in performance with the icon running or not. The analogy would be driving home in your car with a quart of milk The car will not go noticeably faster or corner better if you throw the quart of milk out the window.

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Re: Suggestions for XAMPP Control

Postby MegaChriz » 28. July 2009 08:18

I think a dashboard application for XAMPP won't be a bad idea.
As for an extra application in the dock I agree that with the application running, you won't notice any difference in performance, but the icon takes a place in the dock and that can mean you have to use smaller icons in the dock (I prefer to not have dozens of icons in the dock).

Maybe I will find some time in the future to create a Dashboard widget for XAMPP. I have never created a widget, but it seems to be simple, because it works with html, javascript and css.
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Re: Suggestions for XAMPP Control

Postby GrimSage » 29. July 2009 15:09

I am not worried about the application running. I am fine with that, I would just prefer it to not be in the dock, which is why I suggested then menu icon. I usually do just quit the control program, but have had times when it would be nice to have an easy to use icon in the menu to restart everything.

WAMP Server takes it even further.

Their icon allows you to enable and disable php modules and apache modules from the icon, as well as shortcuts to different webapps. Not as necessary, but gives quick access to things which is always helpful.
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