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ssl openssl

Postby labite » 24. July 2009 20:37

le certificat ssl envoye par mon serveur indique de berlin or j'aimerais habite en france j'ai beau revoir le fichier openssl.cnf je vois pas ou j'habite en allemagne.
si vous pouviez m'aider.

the certificat ssl send by my server show berlin in fact i am living in france i had seen again and again the document openssl.cnf i always not see where i live in germany.
help please.

das certificat ssl berlin gehen ist nicht korrect ich liebe in france helfen sie mir bitte.

xampp in french dowload to?
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Re: ssl openssl

Postby Wiedmann » 24. July 2009 20:45

the certificat ssl send by my server show berlin

That's just a demo certificate (and the cert details are nothing for interest). BTW: the demo cert is issued for the Apachefriends, located in Berlin, Germany.

If you want change the cert details, you must generate (or buy) your own certificate.
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Re: ssl openssl

Postby marklee » 25. July 2009 13:43

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