Problem with Install

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Problem with Install

Postby davidjor » 17. July 2009 16:57

I am getting the following Error when I try to start the MySQL database.

Starting MySQL.. ERROR! Manager of pid-file quit without updating file.

I have no Idea, what this is about...
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Re: Problem with Install

Postby magnarous » 30. July 2009 10:07

i have the same problem .......
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Re: Problem with Install

Postby caltuna » 30. July 2009 22:17

Try to find where XAMPP keeps its PID files. Use the search in finder for .pid) and delete them. I think it is in ....xampp/var/mysql folder.

My bet is you have mysql already running. Kill it via activity monitor and then try it again.
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Re: Problem with Install

Postby buggyec » 02. August 2009 17:29

stop mysql maybe you´ve installed before Xampp
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