Change mysql datadir in Mac OS X 10.5

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Change mysql datadir in Mac OS X 10.5

Postby DaViDz » 29. June 2009 22:19

Hi everybody !!!

I've just installed XAMPP on my OS X Leopard and i'm trying yo change the mysql default datadir to my own datadir in other disk but it is impossible.

First, I add a "datadir = /Volumes/route-to-ddbb" but mysql don't started. I checked permissions and chown all files to nobody:admin, but doesn't work.

The I had an idea, make a soft link in /xamppfiles/var from "mysql" to "/Volumes/route-to-ddbb". On Finder, the link works ok, but with mysql not, mysql-server not started.

I'm really desperate, someone could change it successfully?

Thanks very much !!!

PS: I apologize about my english... ;)
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