cant modify htdocs folder

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cant modify htdocs folder

Postby 14yearolddeveloper » 27. June 2009 14:43

I have a similar problem. im running mac osX (10.5) and i installed xampp but it seems the htdocs folder cant be modified how do i enable it to be modified
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Re: cant modify htdocs folder

Postby caltuna » 27. June 2009 16:22

Go to xampp/xamapfiles and right click on htdocs and choose "get info". Use the "details" drop-down arrow at bottom. Change the permissions to read write for everyone. You may have to "unlock" it. You probably want to 'apply to enclosed items" as well. Let us know if that works.

I assume you are running you Mac as an "admin" user? If not, that could also be your problem.

The XAMPP desigers over-engineered the security of the system in my opinion. I would have made it more user-open since it is designed to be a desktop development system and not for a local intranet or the world-wide internet.

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