Using XAMPP to install WPMU on OS X 10.4

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Using XAMPP to install WPMU on OS X 10.4

Postby Melton Cartes » 23. June 2009 22:06

I've successfully installed XAMPP to my Macbook (10.4.11).

I'm wanting to intall WordPress MU (multi-user) to be able to develop new sites for my clients. My core WP installation seems to be working. So, I know XAMPP is working and WP.

After much trial, I managed to reach a Successful Installation page with WPMU. Then I got an 500 Internal Server error and it won't go away....

I was having trouble figuring out how to grant more permissions to the WPMU folder and the wp-content folder within it and finally figured, maybe Get Info is the same thing. I granted Read & Write to these folders and that's when I successfully installed WPMU.

Doubting things and wanting to "double-check" Get Info to see if it really did the trick (toggle the result, on and off, basically), I changed the permissions on the wp-content folder to Read Only (back to the way it had been) and then got the error. That was fine because it seemed to confirm that Get Info did work.

But when I granted Read & Write again to that folder, the error remained and continues...

Where or how do I troubleshoot an Internal Server error on my Macbook?


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