Localhost doesn't seem to work

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Localhost doesn't seem to work

Postby s_hawken » 15. June 2009 16:27

Hi, I have just installed XAMPP on my Mac (os x 10.5.7). The instructions tell me 'You can put your Websites in /Applications/XAMPP/htdocs/ and access them via http://localhost/' but when I go to http://localhost/ I get the test page for Apache installation.:

If you can see this, it means that the installation of the Apache web server software on this system was successful. You may now add content to this directory and replace this page.

Seeing this instead of the website you expected?

This page is here because the site administrator has changed the configuration of this web server. Please contact the person responsible for maintaining this server with questions. The Apache Software Foundation, which wrote the web server software this site administrator is using, has nothing to do with maintaining this site and cannot help resolve configuration issues.

The Apache documentation has been included with this distribution.

You are free to use the image below on an Apache-powered web server. Thanks for using Apache!

Have I done something wrong or is there something else I need to do?


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Re: Localhost doesn't seem to work

Postby caltuna » 16. June 2009 00:02

You probably have another instance of apache running. My bet is you have Personal Web Sharing turned on. Turn off XAMPP. Go to System Prefs, Sharing, and make sure the Personal Web Sharing box is not checked. Then bring up XAMPP again and see if you get the orange start page. (You may want to restart the Mac... but I doubt it is necessary.)

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