Autostart XAMPP after reboot

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Autostart XAMPP after reboot

Postby mharding » 05. June 2009 23:03

How can I start all the XAMPP servers, Apache, MySQL, etc. automatically upon a startup. I want the servers to start in the event the system is rebooted.
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Re: Autostart XAMPP after reboot

Postby MegaChriz » 08. June 2009 07:54

The method I use is to start an AppleScript by start-up.
In XAMPP v0.5 there was an AppleScript that started XAMPP. The Control Panel didn't yet appear in that version.

You can use the following AppleScript below to startup XAMPP 1.0.1. (This script looks like the script that was with XAMPP 0.5)
Code: Select all
-- Xampp starten
set passwort to "" -- Rootpasswort eingeben, oder leer lassen
set befehl to "/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp start"

   if passwort is "" then
      set ausgabe to do shell script befehl with administrator privileges
      set ausgabe to do shell script befehl password passwort with administrator privileges
   end if
on error fehler
   display dialog fehler
end try
In the second line of this script (set passwort to...), type the password of the administrator account of your Mac between the quotes.

Save the script above as an AppleScript Program. In Scripteditor choose 'Save as' from the File menu, and choose to save it as an application.

Now there are two methods to automatic start this script on start-up.

Method 1. Put the application in the dock, right-click or control-click on the icon and choose for 'open after login'.
Method 2. Open System Preferences, go to Accounts. Select your account. Then select the tab 'Login items'. Click on the plus-icon and find the application you just made.
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