XAMPP impossible to download?

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XAMPP impossible to download?

Postby dwalton42 » 22. May 2009 15:16

EDIT: Never mind, it's working now...But seriously, there needs to be at least two mirrors in the event SourceForge screws up for a bit.

Folks, this is why we have MIRRORS. Looks like SourceForge is completely down, and there is no possible way to download XAMPP in any flavor.
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Re: XAMPP impossible to download?

Postby caltuna » 22. May 2009 18:32

I wonder how popular XAMPP for Mac is? Or all of XAMPP for that matter? Would it justify a mirror?

I expect that as the word gets out XAMPP will become popular on the Mac platform because of the many bugs and zero support of MAMP. That's why I'm here.
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Re: XAMPP impossible to download?

Postby jmdirc » 23. May 2009 02:00

I like XAMPP, always have. A great developer's tool.

But, I definitely need a laptop. Trying to develop while on the server- gets complicated. There is a conflict using the databases then every now and again I accidently click a link that takes me to the actual pages - ooops.

Anyone giving away a laptop? :mrgreen:
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