Using XAMPP Controls panel: Error

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Using XAMPP Controls panel: Error

Postby Merlin delMar » 18. May 2009 17:40

I'm using the XAMPP Controls panel to start the various aspects of XAMPP. Apache starts immediately; FTP runs just fine; however, MySQL will not start and gives the error message:

"Starting MySQL... ERROR! Manager of pid-file quit without updating file."

I've seen some "sort of" solutions with Terminal commands. I'd like to keep things simple for myself by not using Terminal to do anything (novice). Is there some problem with the installation or the settings on my MacPro running OS X 10.5.6 and 2 Gb of 800 MHz RAM.

Merlin delMar
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Re: Using XAMPP Controls panel: Error

Postby caltuna » 19. May 2009 05:23

Are you sure you don't have mysql already running? Did you ever install it before? Check Activity Monitor.

Does this help?


or this?

If none of the above you might find something here: ... 7QAwcWxp3g
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