XAMPP 1.01 thank you thread!

Problems with the Mac OS X version of XAMPP, questions, comments, and anything related.

XAMPP 1.01 thank you thread!

Postby Checksum » 15. April 2009 15:50

Many thanks to the developers and supporters for their great work in releasing XAMPP 1.01 for the Mac. I'm sure many people appreciate your effort! Congratulations and keep up the good work :)
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Re: XAMPP 1.01 thank you thread!

Postby dferriman » 30. April 2009 21:21

Yes, thank you! Xampp is the only way I have found to develop Drupal on a Mac. I am still having issues, but I would not have gotten this far without this project. Thank you very much!
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Re: XAMPP 1.01 thank you thread!

Postby skor » 31. May 2009 02:45

Can't believe there are only 2 posts here.
I've tried to download and compile the components of a setup like this and it is difficult and time consuming.

Just downloaded XAMPP for Mac 1.0.1 and am having a few initial MySQL setup issues, but I'm sure it will take less time.
And when one of us needs to add another component, or make an upgrade, at least we can share our tips & tricks!!

Thanks to everyone who contributed. From coding, to bug reports, to troubleshooting, to helping others in to forums.
Well done, and keep up the good work.

UPDATE: MySQL problems overcome. Up and running on my old iMac G4 under 10.4. Thanks again!
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Re: XAMPP 1.01 thank you thread!

Postby quinterro » 03. June 2009 02:44

Just downloaded and installed XAMPP today. So far so good! It appears to be more recent and easier to use than MAMP.
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Re: XAMPP 1.01 thank you thread!

Postby darkstar2k77 » 07. June 2009 17:44

This is a little late. Cheers for the update to XAMPP for OS X !
I'll see if I can get this running on AppleTV
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