Now it it doesn't?

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Now it it doesn't?

Postby Kaji » 28. March 2009 01:32

I installed XAMPP as a way to finally get MySQL working on my MacBook about a week ago, and it's been working great, but recently I've started getting some messages about PHP running out of memory over trivial tasks like posting to a messageboard, and so I thought I'd tell XAMPP to restart and see if that cleared the memory for PHP.

Well, suffice to say it didn't go as I'd expected it to.

According to the status box on the control panel, it restarted just fine. When I try to run things, though, it can't connect to MySQL anymore. This is beyond frustrating, to say the very least about it. I tried re-installing XAMPP to see if that would connect the dots so it'd run again, and it's still not connecting.

What can I do to fix things here?
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