Joomla error "Unable to find install package"

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Joomla error "Unable to find install package"

Postby enricocioccolini » 13. March 2009 12:15

Hi everybody,
I installed XAMPP on a Mac, no problems, installed joomla 1.5.9, no problems, then I tried to install modules or templates or whatever from the Joomla Administrator but i always get the same message: "There was an error uploading this file to the server - Unable to find install package". Folders permissions are ok, restarted XAMPP, FTP support for Joomla is disabled, file size upload is ok and extensions are mostly a few Kb, web services for Joomla are on, well, EVERYTHING that I could find on forums everywhere I did. Any idea? I am SO frustrated, 3 hours now so far.
Thanks in advance to everybody.
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Re: Joomla error "Unable to find install package"

Postby kibi » 24. August 2009 06:46

i have the same problem.. has anyone solve this so far?
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Re: Joomla error "Unable to find install package"

Postby MegaChriz » 24. August 2009 09:11

Which XAMPP version do you use?
If you use the latest version (XAMPP v1.7.2a), maybe Joomla isn't compatible with PHP 5.3 yet.

I have only started my Joomla installation once with the new PHP version. I got a lot of errors (I had set error reporting to E_STRICT), but it seems to be working. I didn't try to install modules yet.
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Re: Joomla error "Unable to find install package"

Postby jazgott » 13. January 2010 18:21

I've been bothering with the XAMMP and Joomla for some time, and always as the result of installing anything in Joomla (module or com) I was getting an error.

Finally I figured out what about all this is.
I did:
- change the permission to my temp directory in XAMPP directory
- change the permission to the folders of htdocs and as well I did change the permission to my joomla installation directory
I did this from the terminal, using the: <code> chmod -vD 777 /directoryname </code> command

After that everything is working like a charm.

ps. Sorry for my terrible english.
Take care.
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