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Postby jlrough » 25. January 2009 05:56

Sorry to repost but someone said if I get the developer version of xampp it will work with xdebug extension for php. So I downloaded the 0.7.4-dev version which is a package. When I run the build this only compiles to the xamppfiles folder???? So my question is how do I get the xampp folder with the xampp control panel? An even bigger question is how do you use the developer version if it only has the xamppfiles folder? Maybe I am confused and I don't need the developer version?? So far in the regular version I have the PECL binary but it doesn't work. Does anyone know if it does work in the developer version? This is on a mac running tiger. I am really confused what the developer package is for and how to use it and if you are supposed to use it with the 0.7.4 regular version or if it is supposed to be used as is.

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