phpMyAdmin setup issues with the xampp install - specific

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phpMyAdmin setup issues with the xampp install - specific

Postby bartolo » 09. November 2008 00:16

The little intimate knowledge that I have of phpMyAdmin comes from the book: Mastering phpMyAdmin 2.11, by Marc Delisle. In his book, he describes features that I just can't find, replicate or execute with the phpMyAdmin that came installed with xampp.

I am have problems with:
1) logging in with different auth_types
2) not being able to setup the Linked-Tables Infrastructure and
3) a general feeling that I don't know how to secure my databases

As I mentioned in my prior posting, I am considering dumping this phpMyAdmin and installing directly from

I know that I have not asked any specific questions. But, if anyone has any general advise on these specific issues, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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Postby jmdirc » 10. November 2008 20:51

Here is an article about securing phpMyAdmin: ... -Part-1/2/

In general, you can secure your databases by putting your file up a few directories from your server directory. In the above posted article, the article talks about "locking the doors" - not a bad idea.

Also, when you write your code there are a few security steps you can take:

1. always, always secure user input, specially GET and POST values!!!!!

2. you need to look up some functions at the php site:
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