Where to put files in XAMPP...

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Where to put files in XAMPP...

Postby bartolo » 07. October 2008 00:18

or does a config file need attention???

I'm new to XAMPP and am experiencing difficulties with the browser seeing the 2 test files that I built. I have both an index.html doc and an index.php doc inside my site folder at:


1) I have tried every conceivable path to get from the browser to the files. Nothing, but errors: "The request URL was not found on this server."

2) When I go to the file via File > Open File..., I do get the html file to respond properly. But the php file just writes back my php code to the browser.

Thanks in advance
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Postby glitzi85 » 07. October 2008 02:17


localhost refers normally to /Applications/xampp/htdocs.

You must be careful with the typing as Apache is Case-Sensitive!

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