Directory tree of a site folder / out of site

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Directory tree of a site folder / out of site

Postby jmdirc » 31. August 2008 15:41

Lately I've been playing around a bit with the server side and of course the Xampp (developer) side as well. While doing so, I noticed if I happen to remove the index.html/php, I get a directory of everything in the htdocs (Xampp) folder, the Sites (other developement) folder or the Documents (server) folder. In other words, if the site isn't found for some reason is a person browsing going to get your directory? Well, maybe.

Try it. Drag your index.html out of the directory and try to go to localhost. What do you get?

So, my question is, is this a real concern? I bet it could be. Maybe not for the development side but for the server side I would think it something that should be thought about. Having a directory show up if you want is OK I suppose, but what if you don't.

So, I went into the httpd.conf; everywhere it had an 'Options Indexes ...' I erased 'Indexes'. Does anyone see a problem with this? It hides the directory tree. Try it. But, is there going to be another problem down the road that I don't know about? Everything appears to work as advertised.

I'm interested in what you think.
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