Mysql.sock Missing / MySQL Deactivated

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Mysql.sock Missing / MySQL Deactivated

Postby caseyweed » 19. July 2008 02:27

I have an iMac with OS 10.5 (Leopard) installed. It came with Apache pre-installed and I installed MySQL.

I installed XAMPP and was very happy to find that it actually found the mysql.sock which had been missing for a month or so. After that I tried to access phpMyAdmin but it denied me. So I erased XAMPP from the terminal and reinstalled it. After reinstalling it, it could no longer find the mysql.sock, and MySQL is deactivated and I keep getting a weird string of errors when starting XAMPP, Apache, and MySQL.

[Here's a picture]


And I end having to cancel the process because it provides "No such process".

Please help me find out how to reactivate MySQL and find the mysql.sock. I finally got it to work, and then it broke on me.

Would uninstalling my current version of MySQL help?

Please be simple with your answers. I'm not very technical.
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Postby jmdirc » 19. July 2008 05:38

Did you install Mysql and Xampp? Or Xampp with Mysql ?

If you installed Mysql separately - how did you install it? Did you configure it?

edit: Installing Mysql separately would not effect xampp. I have Xampp and an additional PHP and Mysql loaded, they all work fine.

If you would, uninstall xampp from the terminal by typing:
rm -rf /Applications/xampp

although not necessary, reboot and then re-install it, that might work. Sometimes Xampp will just start with an error from out of know where - stop it then turn it back on. If it still is creating problems, run something like Onyx before re-installing. Onyx is free and will help reset permissions and clean-up some of the OSX system without hurting anything:
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