PHP Mail() returns false but works

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PHP Mail() returns false but works

Postby dheitzmann » 23. May 2008 16:38

Using XAMPP with PHP 4 under Leopard. Newest XAMPP (0.7.2). Have Postfix mail server running to forward outgoing e-mail to my ISP.

The PHP mail() function works correctly -- the mail gets sent. But the function always returns with "false" indicating that the mail was not sent.

The same PHP application has worked correctly, for years, under Windows and other Unix systems running other versions of Apache and other mail servers. There is something peculiar to this combination of XAMPP, Leopard, Postfix.

I've explored all sorts of news groups and forums, have posted this query to Postfix and PHP forums with no response. There must be a parameter, either in PHP.ini or Postfix, or ??? that isn't set correctly. I found a (very old) reference in a forum to a similar problem caused by "enable-sigchild" option being wrong when PHP was built, but I've got to believe that the XAMPP build of PHP is correct or else there would be a lot of people raising questions.

Can anyone give me advice? Thanks!
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solution, sort of

Postby dheitzmann » 24. May 2008 20:38

Nobody replied to this, but I'll post the conclusion here in case anyone sees it in the future:

I was not able to get the PHP Mail() function to return a return code under XAMPP. Finally, I installed MAMP (a different packaged AMP for Mac OS X) and find that Mail() works just fine in that package.

My conclusion is that the build of PHP inside XAMPP must have a parameter set incorrectly, such that the mail() function is unable to receive and send along any response codes when it invokes the OS's sendmail command.

I'm uninstalling XAMPP right after I submit this reply.
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Postby axewater » 08. June 2008 19:08

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Re: PHP Mail() returns false but works

Postby fleisc » 07. January 2009 20:23

I'm experiencing the same thing with XAMPP 0.7.4 on Tiger and Leopard. The email is delivered but no response codes from the php mail() function. Unfortunately my application requires this to work properly so I won't be able to use XAMPP. Everything else seemed to work great and I hope this can be fixed in another release.
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Re: PHP Mail() returns false but works

Postby kleinweby » 08. January 2009 20:25


This will be fixed in the next Version of XAMPP for Mac OS X.

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