Permission denied when trying to write something

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Permission denied when trying to write something

Postby Simone79 » 28. April 2008 01:38


I am trying to make Joomla1.5 work on my Mac OSX , but I have the following problem: permissions!!
Under the menu "Help-->System info-->Directory permissions"
it says "Unwritable" for all the directories and files!!

If I enable FTP using "root" with no password, it enables it, but
when I try to upload something (like a module) the following errors occur:
(the same error if I DISABLE FTP)

* JFolder::create: Could not create directory
* Module Install: Failed to create directory: "/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/htdocs/Joomla/modules/mod_vworldclock"

Reading my folders from terminal I notice
that the following THREE users own different
directories under /Applications/xampp/

simone (that's me, the only user of this Mac)

I am really going crazy. It's days I am trying to make it work!!

I hope you have a solution.


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