Cant delete some files

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Cant delete some files

Postby Sedushi » 24. January 2008 04:55

I'm trying to get XAMPP off of my Mac but some files will not delete. The files are in the xamppfiles folder and they are in the bin, lib, logs, modules, sbin, and var folders. I want someone to tell me how to delete those folders.
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Postby Scory » 24. January 2008 22:58

Login as "root" and enter "rm -rf *". This removes definately everything.

Re: Cant delete some files

Postby amiesque » 16. December 2010 23:14

I have the same problem, I tried to toss the entire xampp folder from my mac, and some files won't go away. It tells me they are "in use", but how I have no idea. I had not created an id or password, or done anything other than download xampp. The terminal I open is unresponsive and I'm completely stuck now. Any ideas, anyone?
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Re: Cant delete some files

Postby kleinweby » 20. December 2010 07:53

You probbably forgot to stop XAMPP so some files are still used. The simple way would be to restart you computer, then you should be able to delete these files.
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