xampp 0.7.0 under Leopard - some results

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xampp 0.7.0 under Leopard - some results

Postby vanderaj » 23. November 2007 01:18

Leopard has ACLs (0: group:everyone deny delete) to prevent code from changing within the Applications folder. Applications is a very special directory, one I am loathe to try and "fix" to allow xampp to run. However, by choosing to be in there, XAMPP has to play by Leopard's rules.

So there are three choices for the next version (in order of increasing difficulty):

Move to the /Developer folder
Move to be more Unix like
Move to be REALLY MacOS X friendly

The easiest by far is to move to the Developer folder, where XCode lives. I put eclipse in there for this same reason.

The best from a MacOS X point of view is to move to proper directories. This means using:

/Applications/xampp for the bin and libs and anything else which is STATIC
/Library/Application Support/xampp/... for etc, tmp files and var
/Library/Logs/xampp for logs
~/Sites/ for the docroots

The solution for XAMPP 0.70 not running properly under Leopard:


Edit /Applications/xampp/etc/php.ini:

* use /var/tmp for the session save path and the upload save path
* You may want to replace /etc/php.ini with this updated file if you've been running XAMPP for some time


To make MySQL work again

* Move /Applications/xampp/xammp/var/mysql directory to /var/mysql
* Adjust that path in /Applications/xampp//etc/my.cnf to point there
* You may want to replace /etc/my.cnf with this updated file if you've been running XAMPP for some time

I needed the latest MySQL, so I grabbed MySQL 5.1.22 and compiled it. I use that instead now. YMMV.


apachectl has a bogus warning about not being able to set ulimits for file descriptors:

Code: Select all
/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/bin/apachectl: line 70: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Invalid argument

Kernel limits in 10.5:
Code: Select all
kern.maxfiles = 12288
kern.maxfilesperproc = 10240

These values are more than adequate for most XAMPP installations, and do not need adjusting, so the ulimit can be commented out in the next version of XAMPP.

Also, can I please ask the next version of XAMPP to include the RC or GA of MySQL 5.1.x (currently 5.1.22 is the RC) as it includes a critical fix for me - prepared statements finally have a query cache, and that is essential for even my development site's performance. 5.1.22 has been stable in my testing so far.

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