XAMPP and ColdFusion8 on Leopard

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XAMPP and ColdFusion8 on Leopard

Postby McKent » 10. November 2007 16:47

I concede that ColdFusion isn't exactly freeware. Nonetheless, it's the language I use for building RIAs, almost all of which rely on MySQL/phpMyAdmin and Apache. And XAMPP is the fastest (most reliable) way to load those. The problem? While I can get XAMPP to work on Leopard, ColdFusion 8 doesn't (which I find a bit ironic). Here's the process I've gone through (courtesy of Renaun Erickson - see http://renaun.com/blog/2007/08/07/230/):

[1] Install XAMPP
[2] Use the terminal to stop XAMPP and modify the XAMPP apache config file to include index.cfm (/applications/xampp/xamppfiles/etc/httpd.conf).
[3] Install ColdFusion (JRUN - multiserver) and, during the install, choose Apache as the webserver, setting the Apache directories as follows:

Configuration Directory:

Directory and file name of server binary:

Directory and file name of server control script:

I also put the CFIDE files in the default directory for XAMPP, which is /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/htdocs

[4] Restart XAMPP. While I could get ColdFusion started through the terminal, every browser wanted to treat the administrator's index.cfm page as a download. During subsequent attempts I tried installing CF8 as a standalone. No luck

So, here's the million-dollar question: Has anyone been able to get CF8 to work with XAMPP? ... on Leopard?
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Postby luggage » 03. January 2008 11:06

Hi McKent.

Could you get XAMPP and CF8 to work on Leopard?

I have a similar issue.
Used the same process to install XAMPP & CF8 on Leopard.
XAMPP works fine - no problems with php and html files, but when I point the browser to a cfm file, I get an "500 Internal Server Error" message.
The browser won't even try to download the cfm file.

Thanks in advance.
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Postby epeace » 23. July 2008 19:27

I dont know if this is due to a new version of xampp but when trying to install CF8 for me the installer stops at the "Configure Web Servers/Websites" page telling me that "The apache you are trying to configure is a 64 bit binary. You can not configure a 64 bit apache from this installer. yadda yadda yadda"

Thing is it wont let me go any further unless I pick standalone server which isnt really what I want. Anyone had this issue? How can it be a 64 bit binary anyway? It works on my ibook!

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Postby epeace » 23. July 2008 22:36

my bad. the xampp binaries are in another directory. . . apparently i have apache installed somewhere else on here . . remnants of FreeBSD perhaps (im running os x)

anyway all is well after pointing the installer to the xampp directories

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