Cant access localhost

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Cant access localhost

Postby kkillgasmm » 13. October 2007 19:13

Ive tried entering http://localhost in both Safari and Firefox2 but I just get a message saying something like 'cannot connect' or 'no connection available'. I dont have the internet on my Mac which is why I wanted to use XAMPP in order to test my PHP scripts.

I've tried using an offline connection and still cant get it to work! Does anyone have a solution?
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Postby amariotti » 03. December 2007 20:05

Dumb question, but have you started XAMPP through the Control Panel?
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Postby JP1c » 14. January 2008 02:18

Make sure both personal file sharing and personal web sharing are turned off, then try http://localhost/xampp/
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Postby Eddybaur » 15. January 2008 17:15

its not dumb question and sir start xampp threw the app terminal. Instructions are on the site for the mac area. Where u can download and get the start code.
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Postby Adh » 03. February 2008 10:06

I have been having the same problem

Yesterday I typed in http://localhost/xampp/index.php and it worked fine and create my tables. Today I typed it in and it can up with.......

Not Found

The requested URL /xampp/index.php was not found on this server.

When I type in just http://localhost/ I get a page saying that Apache is working from the Apache webserver.

i'm using mac leopard if that makes any difference.
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