XAMPP on OS X macbook pro

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XAMPP on OS X macbook pro

Postby atstockland » 08. April 2007 20:26

I have comment / question. I upgrade my mac every year. I currently have the macbook pro. This will be the 4th computer I have tried to use xampp on. What I find very interesting is that I am dealing with a completely stock computer, no 3rd part software or plugins to screw things up, no altered setting to mess things up....just a stock computer right out of the box. I have NEVER been able to just installed xampp and had my local network actually work.. If xampp cant be programmed to work on a fresh install of os x then well will it work? Im sick of it. The promise of easy install, easy set up, and wammo your local server is up and running.

No such thing exists.

Now for my question. Does anyone know the missing link for actually getting a local server to work on os x? the error I get most is apache failed to load and can not load ProFTPD. I have tried what I have found in the forums but nothing gets me up and running.

Any ideas of where to find help. I know this isnt that complicated of a set up. So why cant xampp make it work...


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