How to upgrade?

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How to upgrade?

Postby mistermartin75 » 02. March 2007 19:11

I've downloaded Xampp for Mac OS X some days ago, but I cannot find upgrade instructions. Does this mean I cannot upgrade? I don't like to loose all my stuff...
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 04. March 2007 23:13

Dear Sir,

on the german page we have linked to an upgrade package.
However the upgrade proceedure is untested yet.

All you need to do is download the upgrade package, untar it to /tmp or whereever and proceed just like with the Linux version of the upgrade.

If someone is wiling to test and report success or failure, we would very appreciate it.

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Kristian Marcroft
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Upgrade worked

Postby tgrund » 11. March 2007 10:23


I just wanted to confirm that the upgrade worked (nearly) for me. I had an existing installation of XAMPP 0.6a, downloaded the Mac OS X upgrade file, untared it from the command line and the executed a
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sudo ./xampp-upgrade/start

Stopped XAMPP, installed new files, started again - all went well.

But then I realized that all user privileges in the mysql user table where gone. So I stopped the mysql server, moved my old mysql table, installed a new one with mysql_install_db, started the server and added my users again. Perhaps this was due to my installation, but perhaps a important information for the developers.

Good look and keep up the excellent work!

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Postby mistermartin75 » 14. March 2007 11:23

I just did a normal installation and it upgraded automatically, with the exception of MySQL.
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