Correct Permissions?

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Correct Permissions?

Postby DorothyH » 02. March 2007 15:19

Hello -
Thank you for the XAMPP package. ':D I am so appreciative of your time and effort into this project! I am not accustomed to Terminal commands, but the directions you gave are beautifully simple.

It seems that I have a successful install. Everything is running. I wonder, though, will I have trouble later? Here is what I did.

I downloaded the XAMPP file. The download defaults to my desktop.

Without moving the file, I typed in the directions for installation

# tar xfvz xampp-macosx-0.6.1.tar.gz -C /

I received a terminal message that the file was not found. Yes I was in terminal as #root

I figured the path to the document and typed:

# tar xfvz desktop/xampp-macosx-0.6.1.tar.gz -C /

The file was found, and the the installation was successful.

My question is this -- Because I installed from the desktop (/users/me/desktop) will I have trouble later with permissions? At the moment, all seems correct. I just don't want to run into trouble later.
Thank you!
Dorothy H
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 04. March 2007 23:10

Dear Sir,

from the way you have described, you will not have any problems.
installing XAMPP via the command thats shown on the website always requires for you to be in the directory in which you have downloaded XAMPP.

They way you have done it, is fine though too.

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Kristian Marcroft
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Postby DorothyH » 05. March 2007 14:37

Kristian Marcroft wrote:They way you have done it, is fine though too.

Thank you for your reply Kristian. (smile) Now I will have more confidence!

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