XAMPP and DreamWeaver (revised see text in blue)

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XAMPP and DreamWeaver (revised see text in blue)

Postby nomadesign » 29. January 2007 16:41

I need some help I have installed XAMPP on my PowerMac 12"
Everything works on XAMPP.
When I try to do a test on Dreamweaver (ie try to connect to MySQL)
I get Access denied...
Any clues what's going on.
I'm using the Following:
Connection Name. abc
MySQL server: localhost
user name: root
password: root
Database (this is where it get the flag Access Denied)

Note I have the Dreamweaver remote setting point to /Applications/xampp/htdocs/

Saw this in xampp bugs would like to know if will work

Any help or advice would be great
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Postby brianmeyer » 18. February 2007 04:49

have you tried using instead of localhost. This seems to help me. I beleive it makes mysql use a different type of socket or something.
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