May I install XAMPP if I already have Apache/MySql/PHP?

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May I install XAMPP if I already have Apache/MySql/PHP?

Postby starkawa » 24. December 2006 11:07

Hi all,

I'm a beginner learning how to build a dynamic web page. Although I've follwed the instructions to activate my Mac's Apache and install MySql, PHP module, and PMA files, I now feel it will be easier to follow the book's instruction if I use XAMPP instead.

My only conern is that may I still install XAMPP without deleting all the previous servers/softwares and not running into any trouble? If the answer is a no worries, should I at least de-activate Apache/MySql before activating XAMPP? Thank you very very much!!!

Merry Christmas,
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Postby mistermartin75 » 13. January 2007 15:12

You should disable all running apache and mysql processes before you run xampp, otherwise it will pick your current processes first (they also block ports like 8080 for xampp).
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how do i turn off my existing apache software.

Postby wade » 23. March 2007 22:40

I've already installed XAMPP, but my http://localhost is still going to my pre-existing apache web server.

I guess i'll need to uninstall my current xampp, and reinstall it after i learn how to turn off my existing apache server.

thanks for your help! I'm a web designer and don't know much about Terminal or servers in general. This is my first stab at it.

web designer trying to learn php
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Postby tantrik » 02. April 2007 17:44

can anyone help here with how to deactivate or remove, the previous existing apache tomcat and mysql. Because I believe just dragging it into trash is definately leaving behind some other files and references installed at other places.
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