LDAP with PHP 5

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LDAP with PHP 5

Postby craab » 08. December 2006 13:52

Sorry for the english, I have posted this under the english Mac OS X forum as well.

I have installed and used this XAMPP package on both my win2k machine at work and my OSX 10.4.8 machine at home. Everything works wonderfully at this point and I have been developing on both machines (even transferring php files, MySQL dbs etc back and forth between the two) with great success. The issue I have run into at this point is with the LDAP extension. Turning it on and getting it to work on the win2k machine was a snap, but when I went to do the same thing on the OSX machine, I ran into a wall. Since the mac doesn't use dll's... merely un-commenting the extension line in php.ini does not do the trick. How do I get the LDAP extension working with PHP 5 on this OSX install??
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