web veiw of xampp

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web veiw of xampp

Postby rgoldstein » 05. August 2006 20:42

I have successfully installed xampp on my imac running OS 10.4.7. I am able to view the "welcome" page and insert my own page using Internet Explorer with no problem. But if I try to use Safari with http://localhost I get a request for a login with user name and password. My account or administrator name/password don't work. How can I use Safari for this?

Thanks for help from anyone.

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Postby der_flo » 13. August 2006 19:58

try it with
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Viewing with Sfari

Postby rgoldstein » 13. August 2006 22:13

Dear der_flo,
Thanks for the suggestion. That doesn't work either; I get the same login request.
What's peculiar is that "localhost" works fine with Internet Explorer. But using the XAMPP security page with IE, I discovered that calling "/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/mampp security" in the terminal allows me to reset the xampp password and there also discovered that the user name for logging in is "xampp". So using that information I am now able to log in using Safari. But I don't understand why IE doesn't need a login.

Thanks for your help.
Best wishes,
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Postby Ballin Lurline » 17. August 2006 04:01

why didn't you just call them about it?
Ballin Lurline
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