Version for Mac Intel

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Version for Mac Intel

Postby m081072 » 19. March 2006 13:08

Hi all,

Can any body please tell me if/when there is likely to be a mac os x for intel of xampp?

Thanks very much,
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Postby PF4 » 23. March 2006 07:45


1. download and install XAMPP for MAC (ppc).
2. open /Applications/xampp/etc/httpd.conf
3. insert a # in front of LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
4. Save the File
5. Start XAMPP
6. Run all OSX-Updates!

After that XAMPP will run on some OSX forIntel-Macs.
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Postby speedlab » 12. June 2006 04:56

Is mod_rewrite broken on Intel based Mac's ?

The above just disables mod_rewrite, no?

mod_rewrite is a fairly important module and am curious if the above is just a band aid solution or if there is a way to enable mod_rewrite on xampp running on intel os x
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Postby speedlab » 24. June 2006 03:32

This really sucks, I've been using XAMPP for years now, and have had to switch to another AMP package because of incompatibilities with mactel machines.

And there is a universal binary distro out there, so I've had to switch as I can't afford down time.
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Postby MySchizoBuddy » 18. October 2006 21:41

has anyone tried out MAMP
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MAMP on MAC Os x 10.4

Postby deun » 31. July 2008 12:15

MySchizoBuddy wrote:has anyone tried out MAMP


Yes I did. I had some problems making run the servers. Once MySQL, sometimes Apache. Well it does work but I could not determine in witch way to make sure that at any start it will run properly.
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