Xampp and ODBC (MS SQL)

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Xampp and ODBC (MS SQL)

Postby elena » 23. February 2006 08:36

I installed a xampp pack for Mac OC and an MS SQL driver from Actual...looks like php does not understand calls to odbc.

Do I need a different version of PHP that is built with iODBC? new to Macs, please help!

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Postby capitalfellow » 20. April 2006 17:32

PHP will only be able to make calls to MS SQL if PHP was compiled with the mssql extension. This extension is not compiled in by the distribution that Apachefriends distributes.

I'm not familiar with the Actual product but I know it is possible to compile the support in yourself using the FreeTDS product. See http://us.php.net/mssql
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Re: Xampp and ODBC (MS SQL)

Postby acobster » 04. February 2011 00:02

Sorry for responding to a 3-year-old post, but isn't there a way to load a dynamic module for odbc? I've been looking for where I can get such a module myself with little success. Can someone help? Thanks
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