Building for MacOS X

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Building for MacOS X

Postby vanderaj » 16. December 2005 02:45

Hi there,

I use XAMPP on MacOS X with PHP Eclipse to develop my forum software (see my signature), and I've come across a nasty issue whilst using MySQLi OO - I can't use CREATE TABLE with them for some reason, so basically I need to I need to build a debug version of XAMPP for MacOS X as is sorely missing from the XAMPP 0.5 distribution.

I downloaded the source to XAMPP 0.5 and unpacked it, but I can't see where to start the build, and there's a lack of instructions on doing so.

So I downloaded PHP 5.1.1, and used the same configure as found in phpinfo() and modified things until I got what I wanted (debug), and it got all the way to the end but couldn't link due to pcre libraries already being exported elsewhere. I am so close, so I think I'm on the right track.

I have XCode 2.2 and can build universal binaries. Would the XAMPP project like a seasoned coder to build the latest betas on MacOS X? I can do installers, and build disk images pretty easily.

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did you have any lucK?

Postby capitalfellow » 20. April 2006 17:36

Oh Please Contact the ApacheFriends on IRC!! Because I would love to see better OS X support. Were you able to successfully recompile PHP to work with XAMPP ? I'm trying to add Oracle and MS SQL support.
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Postby bjeanes » 05. November 2006 10:20

That sounds great. I am looking at finishing old plans to create a control panel for the mac version. it is way too clumsy to have use the Terminal to startup xampp. I have already made a simple applescript-based app in xcode (haven't been able to test it because i have no intel version of xampp). I can't wait to get the new version of xampp though...
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Postby groovecoder » 26. February 2007 03:39

Has there been any progress made w/r/t including and enabling DBG in mampp? I'd be willing to do whatever I can to help out in the effort, but I don't really know how to do it.
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