Not a valid directory for "redirect" directive

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Not a valid directory for "redirect" directive

Postby fuocorav » 03. December 2005 02:01


I tried to change the direction of web address to a specific folder within htdocs and the terminal said that "the directory is not a valid directory". I tried to point to a different web folder, same thing. Am I missing something here?

How do I get the httpd.conf to point to a specific folder?

Also, I'm interested in setting up virtual hosts. I read the httpd.conf and it said for asterisk, I can replace the asterisk for the web address.

How do you configure a virtual host? For example,

csdr (main website)

Can it be done within the intranet? Your help is much appreciated. I'm going to learn Unix and Apache's on my top priority!

btw, xampp rocks!

rene v.
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Postby speedlab » 08. December 2005 07:41

This is an example of how I set up subdomains for my local xampp installation.

note: any changes to httpd.conf requires an apache restart

in http.conf - make sure this line is not commented


Add a virtual host, example:

DocumentRoot /Applications/xampp/www/wordpress
ServerName wordpress.localhost

this folder (/xampp/www/) is where I keep all of my 'sites'

Then go to Applications -> Utilities -> NetInfo Manager

Administration rights are needed, click on the padlock and enter
your password.

Select 'machines', there will be an item called localhost, select it and click on duplicate.

On the copy - rename the 'name' to the URL, in my example, it would be wordpress.localhost

Save and update.

When you using virtual host I'm pretty sure I had to set up localhost as well, e.g.:

DocumentRoot /Applications/xampp/htdocs
ServerName localhost
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Cool tip!

Postby fuocorav » 08. December 2005 08:36

thanks for the tip...can it work in intranet for example...people type up the subdomain addresses and it will be redirected to the folder in my web server.

I'm a newbie...

Can I use various names instead of "localhost" or I need to do it?



blog.csdr (name of domain?)

Rene V.
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Postby speedlab » 08. December 2005 10:49

It probably depends on what type of operating system you're on.

I think if the computers name is csdr it could find it.

otherwise i think you would need to have a local DNS server, so your network could point blog.csdr to the proper computer on your network.

This is a general question that you could also ask on a larger forum, try the apache foundation web site for other user groups and ask there.

Hope you get it working the way you want it!
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