Where Do I Put My Site Pages?

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Where Do I Put My Site Pages?

Postby Kaththea » 30. November 2005 22:17

First I'd like to say that I think this concept is amazing and I feel it's going to save me alot of time. Thank you!

However, I'm trying to put a place holder page down so that when people go to our URL they can see it. But I can't even seem to change the default page on my own localhost let alone get the outside world to see any pages I create.

I can't seem to find an answer to my question... where do I reset the default page? And where do I put my pages of code so that I can start testing them? And where do I change any of my DNS settings so the outside world can see us?

Thanks in advance...
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Postby alanvee » 01. December 2005 03:46

The default server root (where your index.html and the rest lives) is /Applications/xampp/htdocs

You are now running a high-powered web-server on your desktop -- it would be well worth your time to get a book on Apache and learn about htppd.conf -- the configuration file for Apache.

I have 5 different sites set up on another disk partition -- nothing in the defalut 'htdocs' folder. All done with edits to the .conf file.

If you like contact me off-list (avres@comcast.net) and I can give you the details.

=Alan R.
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Postby Kaththea » 01. December 2005 23:20

But.... I did place the index page there and it still goes straight to the xampp index page instead....

I'm so confused.
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Similar problem with sever root path

Postby fuocorav » 02. December 2005 03:41


I tried to change the direction of web address to a specific folder within htdocs and the terminal said that "the directory is not a valid directory". I tried to point to a different web folder, same thing. Am I missing something here?

How do I get the httpd.conf to point to a specific folder?

Also, I'm interested in setting up virtual hosts. I read the httpd.conf and it said for asterisk, I can replace the asterisk for the web address.

How do you configure a virtual host? For example,

csdr (main website)



Can it be done within the intranet? Your help is much appreciated. I'm going to learn Unix and Apache commands...it's on my top priority!

btw, xampp rocks!

rene v.
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