English: Installing Drupal with XAMPP

Problems with the Mac OS X version of XAMPP, questions, comments, and anything related.

English: Installing Drupal with XAMPP

Postby artiswork » 24. November 2005 16:51

I am trying to install a cms using xampp.

I had previously installed mysql, php, and phpmyadmin as individual packs.
I did not uninstall these (DO I NEED TO?)

Install of XAMPP went very smoothly
I created a database using PHPMYADMIN

I can't figure out the next step.

I tried to follow these instructions:

But they are instructions for an individual install (meaning standalone mysql, phpmyadmin, php)

Can someone give me some direction?

Thank you very much,
and forgive me for not learning German before I ask, and expecting you all to know english :)

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