XAMPP for OSX86 - apache startup error

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XAMPP for OSX86 - apache startup error

Postby frixion » 23. September 2005 18:02

Using OSX86 (www.osx86project.org)

Install XAMPP for Mac OS X

sudo su
/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/mampp start

Starting XAMPP for MacOS X 0.4...
XAMPP: Starting Apache with SSL (and PHP5)...
XAMPP: Error 132! Couldn't start Apache!
XAMPP: Starting MySQL...
XAMPP: Starting ProFTPD...
XAMPP for MacOS X started.

/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/logs/apachestart.log shows
/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/bin/apachectl: line 100: 277 Illegal instruction $HTTPD $ARGV

/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/bin/httpd -k start -e debug
goes through httpd startup... thru the modules and stops with:
Illegal instruction

Any tips or troubleshooting would be much appreciated! I'm a novice to the shell world so verboseness helps!

XAMPP is awesome! Thanks for all the great work!!

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Postby Wiedmann » 23. September 2005 18:18

OSx86 is not binary compatible to Mac OS X (PowerPC).
--> different hardware platform
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