XAMPP has Disabled PHP in Mac OS X

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XAMPP has Disabled PHP in Mac OS X

Postby BlackPug » 05. September 2005 15:29


I am new to php / mysql / apache, so please any advice that you give could you please bear clear and concise with your instructions, thanks.

Firstly i am running mac OS X 10.3.9 with all the latest security updates. I had enabled php4 editing my httpd.conf file, installed and enabled mysql and apache. As a novice this took me a little while but everything was running locally perfectly.

However, i wanted to install a php based os commerce site locally to test certain files. A link on the oscommerce site recommended installing XAMPP so i did so. However once i looked at the installation appearing in the applications folder it did not inspire me with the greatest faith that the product would work correctly, so i uninstalled XAMPP without using it by following the instructions and deleting the XAMPP folder from the applications folder.

However, i can no longer veiw PHP files locally. So i re-edited the httpd.conf file (having reverted to a copy of the the httpd.conf.default and editing that ensuring a "clean" file). I then restarted the apache server - and guess what - i cannot veiw PHP files!!!

i have no idea of what is going on here, mysql is enabled fine, apache is running fine, my httpd.conf file is correct and i cannot veiw PHP locally after installing XAMPP.

I have read all the posts here and i'm aware that other users have reservations about the installation only occuring in the applications folder. however if this is the case then why can i no longer view PHP files??? Surely the installation has modified or removed a file somewhere along the line???

Please help, this issue is driving me nuts and is taking forever to find out the cause of this problem

yours in distress
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