OS X (10.4.2 hangs with .04

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OS X (10.4.2 hangs with .04

Postby alanvee » 03. September 2005 01:13

As much as I like XAMPP it looks like I'll have to wait a bit to use it. Two hang issues have shown up -- one is somewhat troublesome:

With XAMPP having been started by the "...mapp start" command, I later issued a ...mapp restart" command. Both from the Termial. The Restart command went into an apparent permanent hang after starting ProFTp. I had to hit CNTRL-C to to get the prompt back to the Terminal.

Later I did a shutdown of XAMPP and then did a restart on the computer. This was done twoce. In both cases the machine shut down to a blue screen with the little twirlling pin-wheel and just hung... but would not restart. Each time I had to press the restart button on the machine to get going again.

I suspect I'm the only person seeing this (isn't that the way it always goes? )
But for now I'll have to sit back and await the next release ...bummer it is such a great package! :-(

=Alan R.
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same problem!

Postby Hakon » 08. November 2005 17:29

I have exactly the same problem, i am trying to recompile proftpd without luck. :(

i hope this fixes in 0.5
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Postby bdmcnitt » 06. December 2005 00:23

i experience the same.
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