my.cnf and character sets

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my.cnf and character sets

Postby psychomachine » 30. August 2005 17:29


i'd like to change the default charsets etc for mysql from latin1 to utf8. i've tried adding the appropriate lines in


but those seem to be completely ignored.

any idea how to do this?

all best,
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Postby tak » 28. September 2005 09:32

copy your modified my.cnf to the directory


so to make


unless not copied to the directory it's ignored.

This instruction is not mentioned on the website
but it's written in


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Re: my.cnf and character sets

Postby webspilka » 15. May 2009 18:49

I also wont set UTF-8 as default
what I mast write in /Application/xampp/xampfiles/var/mysql/my.cnf
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