PhP extension - How to install "intl" extension in XAMPP?

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PhP extension - How to install "intl" extension in XAMPP?

Postby D410 » 10. June 2021 23:11

I have been trying to run Mediawiki on XAMPP (7.4.19) on macOS Big Sur (11.4) and whenever I access the folder containing the Wiki files I'm greeted with a message saying "You are missing a required extension to PHP that MediaWiki requires to run. Please install: intl". I've tried enabling the extension using the php.ini file in /xaampfiles/etc/php.ini by removing the little symbol ; before the extension but that did nothing. I tried reinstalling XAMPP on a lower version but that didn't work either. It seems the extension isn't even installed within the program. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Operating system - macOS Big Sur (11.4)
    XAAMP version - XAMPP 7.4.19
    Browser - Chrome
    PhP version - 7.4.19

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XAMPP version: 7.4.19
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